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Great Grandmaster Wong was born in Guangzhou, China. In 1937, Taoist Monk Great Grandmaster Ching Wan commenced training Wong, in Mudong Kung Fu and shared his vast martial art and medical knowledge with this "chosen" pupil.

It was this decision that would pave the way for a life that proved most honorable and rewarding for Wong. This also ensured that the family tradition of passing down the family martial art skills to future generations would continue. A life of continuous learning devotion, great honor and gratitude had taken course.
After completing his martial art training and graduating from Guangzhou University in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wong went to Canada to share his vast knowledge and skills with the western world. In 1959, Wong opened Mudong Kung Fu Club in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on Spadina Avenue. This school was one of the very first kung fu schools in Toronto. It was also at this time that Wong set up his free medical clinic in TCM, healing patients who sought alternative treatments for their medical conditions.

From 1961-1971, Wong was directly involved in teaching self defense and hand to hand combat to the Toronto Metropolitan Police Force. Wong also served as chief martial art instructor at the University of Toronto's Hart House from 1967-1973. As co-founder of the Canadian Kung Fu Federation, advisor to the World Kung Fu and Karate Federation, Wong played a vital role in the promotion of Chinese Martial Arts in the western world. These responsibilities took place from 1960-1991 respectively.

Today, there are schools in the United States, Canada, Hong Kong and China. These schools are independently owned and operated with their chief instructors being direct martial art descendents of  Great Grand Master Sam Wong.



Grandmaster Sam Wong and Sifu Dave Chong,
Wong's Mudong Kung Fu Academy,


Grandmaster Sam Wong with other grandmasters at
Toronto Grandmasters' Martial Arts Reunion 1999


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